Tuesday, 10 November 2009

First official Secret Wars double CD out now!!!

Hi Bloggers and Friends,

after the successful Secret Wars Battle Tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, WHAT! WHAT! releases the official sampler for the tour with tracks by Zero Cash, Maral Salmassi, Saint Pauli, Monkey Safari, Lars Moston, Dolby Anol, Din Stalker of Slagmalsklubben, Mike Okay and many more. as a special for the 2 CD sampler there is a totally exclusive track by Malente and Jay Robinson who will be digitally released on Southern Fried Records next year. You can buy the 2 CD sampler at WHAT! WHAT! online shop www.CAKEBATTLE.com, www.DEEJAY.de and digital on your favorite download platform. Now, we send you the Minimix of the sampler and the official Battle Tour track by Mike Okay and hope you will love the sampler the same way we do.


SecretWars BattleTour 2CDSampler WhatWhat by Secret Wars Germany


I HEART SECRET WARS by Mike Okay by Secret Wars Germany

More information about the tour @ www.secretwarsgermany.de

1. What! What! Gäng - Battle Intro
2. Nhan & Taan - I Feel
3. Fare Soldi - Survivor (Saint Pauli Remix)
4. Jack Tennis - Future Robots
5. Zero Cash - Give It To Me
6. Monkey Safari - Pencake
7. Lorcan Mak - Take That Back
8. We Love Machines - Electric Shock
9. Tricklz! - Bring The Noize
10.Lars Moston & Philipe De Boyar - So Sick
11.Mike Okay - I Heart Secret Comic Battle
12.Maral Salmassi - My Shit Is On (Zero Cash Remix)
13.Malente & Jay Robinson - Dwarfs
14.Acidkids - Callahan
15.Din Stalker - Dumklang
16.The Sexinvaders feat. Tyskerhar - Love Ideology
17.Kroenen - What A Fucking Hype
18.DeDeDee - Badman
19.Monkey Safari - Allez Les Deux (Dolby Anol Remix)
20.Overthrill - Visitors

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

25.01.2009 first quarter final round + opening of our new residence

On Sunday 25th January 2009 we will open the residence of Secret Wars Germany at the night club Fahrenheit100. This will be again a big night out with our friends and NuRave god's from Halle Stupid What!. In the first quarter final round ALIEN will fight against RAVE. As judges we will have our massive crowd and two CEO's from the leading design agencies in town: Andres Kühn and Christian Scheibe. So in case you are around be there or be square ;)

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Qualifying round 4 @ Metropolis cinema

The last qualifying round was stamped from CROMATICS with superlatives. For the first time ever a Secret Wars Tournament was held inside the movie theater METROPOLIS. The four artists have been filmed during the contest and the VJ Kino Kid Cash mixed those short-takes with some fresh visuals and beamed them in real time on the 100 square meter silver screen. The local DJ hero T.Low Rock performed over the cinemas sound system a stunning D'n'B set for the battle. After a short break another premiere happened which was the screening of the documentary "NEXT: a primer on urban painting" from the canadian director Pablo Aravena. The movie was well received by the crowd and lots of people asked us if they could get a copy on DVD and we are happy to announce: "Yes YOU can!" just click here. The crowd and the judges Sebastian Osterhaus and Kay Damme decided to crown Nico Müller and Danny Doom as the winners of the evening. But Mike Okay and PROKSCH didn't had to go home empty handed both got a nice drawing survival kit from the Black Sheep stores. Here are some picture of the night and the TV news about it can be seen on www.secretwarsgermany.de
Check the 100 square meter silver screen!
The crowd was astonished...
Our host RED136 on the microphone...
The cinema's cashier...nice one ;)
Alex is measuring the votes in the middle of the cinema theater...

Mike Okay lost against Nico Müller...
Kino Kid Cash mixing the filmed artists with live visuals...

The judges are writing down their votes...
T.Low Rock is rocking the crowd...
Local artist Proksch lost against...
Danny Doom from Leipzig...
After 6 hours of Secret Wars Germany madness the cinema theater is empty again...
The final masterpieces of MIKE OKAY...
And Danny Doom...

Secret Wars Germany - On Tour @ "Be Part @ We Art"

Our second On Tour event took us to Austria. So the CROMATICS crew went down to Westendorf and organized two integrative shows on Friday and Saturday. The world famous Ästhetiker crew filmed the whole event. The result was aired on national Austrian and German TV and you can watch it here.
Lilo Krebernik (Austria) vs. Nico Müller (Germany)
K-Rings live on stage!!!

Nico Müller's image surrounded by the crowds add on's
Lilo Krebernik's idea was to integrate the participants and surround their drawings.

Madness on the drawing floor.
Smile Nico ;)

Gogo from Boarders Playground tries to boost his fantasy ;)
No space can be left white ;)

Everyone could get involved!

The next morning we decided to draw a special Santa Claus image as it was the 6th of December!

RED 136 was taking care of the letters....

Gogo and his mates from the Ästhetiker crew belong to the worlds most famous snow boarders which you see quite often in TV stations like Eurosport and DSF.
And this is the final masterpiece...

On the last day the CROMATICS crew had to go out for a ride by themself. The fresh powder snow was fantastic! And thanks to ALEX who showed us some tricks on the piste.

And that's the view from our appartment ;)