Tuesday, 10 November 2009

First official Secret Wars double CD out now!!!

Hi Bloggers and Friends,

after the successful Secret Wars Battle Tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, WHAT! WHAT! releases the official sampler for the tour with tracks by Zero Cash, Maral Salmassi, Saint Pauli, Monkey Safari, Lars Moston, Dolby Anol, Din Stalker of Slagmalsklubben, Mike Okay and many more. as a special for the 2 CD sampler there is a totally exclusive track by Malente and Jay Robinson who will be digitally released on Southern Fried Records next year. You can buy the 2 CD sampler at WHAT! WHAT! online shop www.CAKEBATTLE.com, www.DEEJAY.de and digital on your favorite download platform. Now, we send you the Minimix of the sampler and the official Battle Tour track by Mike Okay and hope you will love the sampler the same way we do.


SecretWars BattleTour 2CDSampler WhatWhat by Secret Wars Germany


I HEART SECRET WARS by Mike Okay by Secret Wars Germany

More information about the tour @ www.secretwarsgermany.de

1. What! What! Gäng - Battle Intro
2. Nhan & Taan - I Feel
3. Fare Soldi - Survivor (Saint Pauli Remix)
4. Jack Tennis - Future Robots
5. Zero Cash - Give It To Me
6. Monkey Safari - Pencake
7. Lorcan Mak - Take That Back
8. We Love Machines - Electric Shock
9. Tricklz! - Bring The Noize
10.Lars Moston & Philipe De Boyar - So Sick
11.Mike Okay - I Heart Secret Comic Battle
12.Maral Salmassi - My Shit Is On (Zero Cash Remix)
13.Malente & Jay Robinson - Dwarfs
14.Acidkids - Callahan
15.Din Stalker - Dumklang
16.The Sexinvaders feat. Tyskerhar - Love Ideology
17.Kroenen - What A Fucking Hype
18.DeDeDee - Badman
19.Monkey Safari - Allez Les Deux (Dolby Anol Remix)
20.Overthrill - Visitors

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

25.01.2009 first quarter final round + opening of our new residence

On Sunday 25th January 2009 we will open the residence of Secret Wars Germany at the night club Fahrenheit100. This will be again a big night out with our friends and NuRave god's from Halle Stupid What!. In the first quarter final round ALIEN will fight against RAVE. As judges we will have our massive crowd and two CEO's from the leading design agencies in town: Andres Kühn and Christian Scheibe. So in case you are around be there or be square ;)